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30 minute MFR session. Great for small areas like the elbow or calf. $80


60 minute MFR session. Many areas connect with fascia, so many spots have triggers that need to be released. $130



***Wear comfortable clothing you would stretch in***

Fascial stretching includes: heat, theragun, and deep fascial stretching from 1-5 minutes per stretch.  

60 minute just stretches.  $120


90 minute  45 minutes of heat, trigger point, scraping, deep tissue fascial release therapy, then 45 minutes fascial stretching.  $160


60 minute package of  3 $330

60 minute package of 4 $420

90 minute package of  3 $450

90 minute package of 4 $580



45 minute Cupping session. This is great for spot work. This includes cupping, and manual therapy on the target area. $110


60 minute Cupping session. This includes cupping on problem areas and manual therapy.  $130



30 minute target area, neck, arms, feet. This includes manual and modality therapy.   $80


45 minute target area, hips, neck, back, tennis elbow, shoulder issues, etc. This includes manual and modality therapy.  $100


60 minute treatment includes manual therapy and any modality therapies may help.  $120


90 minute therapy treatment is great for more detailed work. Injuries plus a full body check over. Includes manual and modality therapy. $160



45-60 minute treatment for young athletes still in high school and college. Pre-competition or post competition work over, injuries, and prevention of injuries. Fitness and nutrition advice.  $80


If you are looking for a nice relaxing massage (Swedish) I would be happy to refer you to some amazing people. I am a myofascial/sports medicine therapist. I honestly can’t even fake giving a relaxing massage. 



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Monday-Friday 10am-5pm


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