Integrative Health of South Florida
Integrative Health of South Florida


  • $40-- 45 minute Kids Sports Therapy.  Athletes under 18 who have sports related or orthopaedic injuries.


  • $50-- 30 minutes of therapy either manual or any type of modality. This is great for spot work like the neck, arm, calf,etc. 


  • $70-- 45-60 minute Spot Specific Therapy for orthopaedic and Sports Medicine issues.  This is a great option for knee, arm, calf, or small area injuries like tennis elbow or joint replacement.


  • $85-- 60 minute Deep Tussue for Orthpaedic and Sports Medicine issues.  This includes any Sports Medicine modalities such as: Laser, Hot Packs, Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasound,  along with gentle to hard, deep tissue Therapeutic Massage and stretching. 


  • $85-- 60 minute Cupping massage.  This includes gentle cupping in trouble areas with massage to help break up scar tissue and problem areas by pulling the tissue up for better adhesion release. 


  • $110-- 75 minute massage with stretching.


  • $125-- 90 minute Therapeutic Massage, Sports Medicine Therapy, Cupping or Pregnancy massages.


  • $170-- 120 minute deep tissue Therapeutic Massage,  Sports Medicine, Cupping or Pregnancy massage


  • $40-- 20 minute Red/Near Infrared Light Therapy

Package prices, one package per person

  • $350 for 10 sessions
  • $700 for 20 sessions
  • $1000 for 30 sessions
  • $1300 for 40 sessions


  • $50--Personal Training and Nutrition servives



Gift Certificates Available.


We accept cash, checks, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle. Credit cards are accepted with a $5.00 surcharge. 



Appointments only....


Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Saturday by appointment


License #MA73612

Establishment #MM40922





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