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Myofascial Stretching 

With Myofascial Stretching, the goal is not to gain flexability of a muscle, but to improve the quality of the movement of the tissues in relation to one another.  MFS is the only type of stretching that respects this organization.


Myofascial Stretching differs from tradional stretching in four primary ways.  

  • The first one involves the time element.  All stretches must be held for a minimum of 90 to 120 seconds before the fascia begins to let go.  This results in permanent release of the tisse, as opposed to the temporary results achieved with traditional 30 second stretching.  
  • The second major differernce is the concept of active elongation.  This is what allows one to engage the fascial barrier.
  • The third essential difference is the need to be consciously present throughout the Myofacial Stretching process.  It is more effective when you are able to focus on the tension in the tissue, direct your breath into the restriciton, notice the resulting slack as the release takes place, elongate into the next barrier and wait for another release to occur.  Regular practice will increase body awareness, and result in improved focus and groundedness.  
  • The fourth disticntion is that stretching and strengthening occur simultaneously.  During active elongation, muscle groups opposing the tight fascia have to contract in a sustained manner.  This strengthens them, thereby helping to maintain the elongated stae of the tissue released.  





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