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 My goal is to fight chronic disease, obesity, pain, and become strong and fit, naturally.   There is no need to be addicted or dependent on medication when suffering from these ailments.  When the human body is functioning optimally, drugs are not necessary.  This is achieved through holistic health, exercise, eating properly, and a positive mind and spirit.

I'm really one of those people who still loves pizza and icecream but during the times I'm not eating these deliciously taunting treats, I like to be as optimally healthy as posible, but being normal, too...I grocery shop at the local store just like everyone else...not that I don't want to spend all my money at Whole Foods, but it's over an hour away and Trader Joe's is closer and the grocery store is down the street, walking distance...what would you do?  I still go to veggie and fruit stands for local, fresh, fruits and veggies and I love farmers' markets!

Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition---All about optimal health and prevention of disease.
Master's of Science in Sports Medicine--Put in many hours in the training room and on the a vulture...just waiting for one of them to fall and injure themselves!
Master's of Science in Holistic Nutrition---Lots and lots of writing about nutrition and health...
Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner---So I'm legal to practice!
Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Physiology---lots of school...GXT's (VO2 max tests)  nutrition education, and personal training.
Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (ACSM)---means I'm basically a badass in the ex.phys. also means I am able to work with the very ill to top athletes for exercise and nutrition help.
American Red Cross Instructor---I was Humboldt County's Health and Safety Coordinator before I moved to Monterey, Ca. Taught tons of people...was around when they were just changing things over, big changes, and was able to travel to Redding, Ca. to learn from a woman who was the first in California to make the big change...this was in 2000 so it's been a while.
Licensed Massage Therapist

Advanced Massage Instructor-- Taught massage students deep tissue massage and the real world of massage...not the spa life, the parts of massage that actually help people heal. Its all about giving positive energy and causing a little pain at the same time, in a good healing way.
Sports Medicine Teacher--Taught high school SM...this was one of my most favorite jobs ever...most gratifying...The kids were great and we ended up having a lot of fun (yes, they could eat and listen to music) while learning a college course...
Exercise Physiology in Cardiopulmonary CHOMP Hospital--I worked in a private hospital, it was beautiful, looked more like an art museum...did lots of prep and treadmill tests, holster monitor hookups and reads, and nuclear tests, and worked in cardiac rehab, that was fun...I liked hanging out in the ER on my free time...
Personal Trainer--Personal trained everyone from friends, family, police officers, old, young, ill, athletes...worked in hospitals, clubs, private clubs, schools, home...where ever!
Nutrition Counselor---Been doing this for years, now I'm legal! Just kidding, I only educate on Nutrition...
Medical assistant in orthopaedics and sports medicine at University of South Carolina School of Medicine---Hardest job ever, not the work, the atmosphere...Monday was cancer day...lots of people being told to clean up their life in the next month...and lots of other stuff I was able to see...way worse than the ER!  Lots of stories...
Chiropractic back office assistant- all modules of therapy and exercises---I worked my butt off seeing about an average of 40 people a day, massaging, advising, listening, laughing, teaching exercises, giving hugs and trying my best to help people heal themselves, naturally.
Health and Safety Coordinator American Red Cross Humboldt County---I started out learning CPR when I was a kid going with my mom to the classes...then it just felt natural to be involved with the American Red Cross. I was Humboldt County's Health and Safety Coordinator before I moved to Monterey, Ca. This was great because I was able to hook people up with classes, teach public and private classes and travel to places to teach, like Indian Reservations and Professional offices...loved this job.
There's a lot more jobs but I don't think anyone cares about my babysitting, restaurant or lawn mowing jobs...even though they were a lot of fun!


I grew up in Sacramento, California.  I did my college years way up in the tip top of Northern Ca., Humboldt State University, behind the Redwood Curtain, where there were earthquakes and storms causing mass destruction malls, no cell phones, not many TVs, and most people rode their bike or walked everywhere.  The weather on a good day was a light mist of rain...all day. I moved to Monterey, Ca. after college to spend time with my niece and nephew while they were growing up but I always have dreamed of moving to the tropics. I spent a short time in South Carolina and Europe but finally decided Florida was the place for me.  So here I am in South Florida with new kinds of storms, but it is a paradise here where the water and nature is amazing!  Ok, so the elecricity isn't very consistant here and there really aren't any hills except bridges, and lots of bugs the further south you go, but it's still awesome!!!!



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